• Wondering whether you can buy an (another) investment but unsure if the bank will lend you the money?

  • Looking to upgrade (sell current house and buy another), but unsure how the lending process works?

  • Wondering if there are options to pay off your mortgage quicker, faster, better?


Drop us a line, or call us to book a free appointment! We will visit you to review your mortgage and explore savings options :)

Let us help you understand what options you may have.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation review of your current mortgage(s) – we may be able to help you get mortgage-free faster! Even if your home loan interest rate is fixed, there are options available to reduce your interest rate, and pay off your mortgage sooner. Having a fixed-rate mortgage doesn't necessarily mean you have run out of options to save, until the end of fixed-rate expiry. All banks also offer different products, which you could potentially use to reduce your interest cost. Talk to us. We are good at what we do - Save you money and help you become mortgage-free quicker!

Or you might want to explore how much more you could borrow for an additional property purchase. This is a free no-obligation in-home service, with no strings attached.

Did You Know?

On a $500,000 mortgage, an additional $100 per month payment could possibly save you over $30,000 in interest cost over the life of your loan term*? That is $30,000 of your hard earned money and as they say ‘money saved is money earned’.

*This is an approximate calculation based on $500,000 loan at 4.2% over 30 year loan term.

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