Finding your first house and securing your first mortgage can be an especially challenging process. Low deposit, ever-changing bank rules and multiple potential government support schemes don’t make it easier.

Buying your first home is perhaps the first biggest financial commitment that you make. Since you have not been through the process before, there are potentially hundred’s of questions in your mind. The lingo and process can be confusing and the decisions you make could make the process simple and straightforward, or a nightmare! The best thing you can do is to partner up with professionals and form a team that you can trust to advise you through the process. This means you want to work with a good real estate salesperson, a "switched on' solicitor and a TERRIFIC mortgage adviser!



At Yellow Rooster Mortgages, we like to work with you as your extended virtual support team to make sure you have all the help you need. Not only do we work with banks to make the best loan options available to you, but we are also available 7 days a week to help with you the thousands of questions that may be running through your mind.

If you think you are short on deposit (less than 20%) there are various ways in you can work around it – Kiwisaver withdrawal, Welcome Home Loans, HomeStart Grant, support from family and more. We can dispel the confusion around Kiwisaver withdrawals and first home grants.

We not only work with the bank but we can also coordinate with your building inspector, valuer, and solicitor to make sure the end to end process is well managed. We love helping Kiwi families into their first home. Our primary goal is to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible, so you can focus on the joy of moving into your first HOME!

Drop us a line or call us to book a free appointment to review your mortgage and explore savings options.

Or you might want to see how much you might be able to borrow for an additional property you want to buy. This is a free no obligation service with no strings attached.

Did You Know?

On a $500,000 mortgage, an additional $100 per month payment could possibly save you over $30,000 in interest cost over the life of your loan term*? That is $30,000 of your hard earned money and as they say ‘money saved is money earned’.

*This is an approximate calculation based on $500,000 loan at 4.2% over 30 year loan term.

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