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Are you on the best possible home loan Interest rate?

Are you on the best home loan product?

Are you on the best possible repayment plan?

Are you utilizing easy techniques to reduce your home loan quicker, without affecting your lifestyle?

Are you in need of Debt Consolidation?

Are you in need of a buffer (topup for a rainy day)?

Did you know on a $500,000 mortgage, an additional $100 per month payment could save you potentially around over $30,000 in interest cost over the life of your loan term? That is $30,000 of your tax paid hard earned money.

Even if your loan interest rate is fixed, did you know there are options available to reduce your interest rate and hence pay off your mortgage sooner? Fixing your mortgage rate may not necessarily mean you have run out of savings options. All banks offer different products, which you could use to possibly reduce your interest cost substantially!

We all know that we need to look after our physical health – visit the doctor regularly, eat well and exercise. However, financial health is sometimes neglected.

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