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We always want the best for our clients and hence provide them with top-class services. We never compromise with the hard work and hence always do our work with full determination. We are counted in the top companies in Auckland that provide insurances and mortgages. We also provide different schemes for taking home loans in Auckland and also helps in the Home Loan Approval Auckland. 

By giving free services to the clients, we have become the best Home Loan Topup Auckland company. We help our clients in choosing the best scheme for taking insurance and mortgages. 


We understand the needs of clients and we know that each and every person has a different mindset regarding everything, therefore, we focus on the needs of the clients particularly and provide them the same. Also, there often comes a situation where the client is not clear in his own thoughts so in that case, our expert team helps them to make wise decisions with our Home Loan Auckland.

Getting a mortgage these days can feel like heading into a battlefield! 

Multiple Products Offers and Options.


  • Hence you need someone on your side, working in your best interest,  to get you the right mortgage solution for your personal situation. 

  • Someone who can simplify the process and save you $ aplenty.

  • We will gather options and negotiate hard with lenders on your behalf - to

  • get you the best deal possible without you breaking a sweat.

  • We will give you friendly, unbiased advice to help you get ahead by paying off your mortgage quicker, so you can consider retirement quicker! 

  • We focus on forming long-lasting relationships with our clients, by ensuring you get our best possible advice and service. 

  • We work with you throughout the process, and well beyond as well! Hence we have built a reputation for being more than just mortgage advisers.

  • All banks have lending rules specific to them. For over 10 years, we have been working with banks on a day-to-day basis.

  • We understand their requirements as well as the best rates they are willing to offer.

  • We will assist you to assemble your application, and help you put your best foot forward –

  • hence increasing your chances of loan approval and getting the best possible interest rates.

Best of all, our services are completely FREE, so you’ve nothing to lose by giving us a go!


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Home Loan Approval  Auckland


How Can We Help?

Home Loan Topup Auckland
Getting Started 

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to a family pad, refinancing, renovating, or downsizing for retirement, we can help you find the right home loan for your circumstances with friendly personal advice!

Home Loan Approval  Auckland

Kiwisaver has been an amazing initiative, helping many hardworking people into their first homes thanks to the First Home Withdrawal and Home Start Grant.

Home Loan Approval  Auckland
Existing Home Loan Customers

Wanting to renovate, upgrade, consolidate debts, or simply need a topup? Unsure if the bank will lend you the money? Looking to buy a new home before you sell your current home, but you are unsure how the bridging process works?

Home Loan Auckland

Want to pay off your mortgage sooner? We can help.  Refinancing is simply the process of moving your mortgage from one bank to the other to get more favorable terms from the new bank.

Home Loan Auckland
First Home Buyers

Finding your first HOME and securing your first mortgage can be an especially challenging process. Low deposit, changing bank rules and multiple government support schemes don’t make it easy!

Home Loan Topup Auckland
Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation includes combining existing high interest rate personal loans, hire purchases, credit card debt in to a single low interest loan from the bank.

Home Loan Topup Auckland
Investment Loans

Real estate is a powerful investment tool that can provide your family with the freedom to pursue dreams. At Yellow Rooster, we’ve helped hundreds of families build property portfolios. Let's do this!

Home Loan Approval  Auckland
The Bank Says No

Too many Auckland families are giving up their dreams of owning their first home. It's heartbreaking to see families struggling with rentals when there might be an alternative.

Home Loan Auckland


We work for YOU, NOT for the Bank

How many times have you spoken to a lender about getting a new mortgage, or making changes to your existing mortgage, only to come away confused, uncertain or cross? As your Mortgage Broker Auckland, Lenders pay us for our work and services rendered to you, no matter which lender you choose. This means we can give you an unbiased view of your mortgage options, even the unconventional ones. No split loyalty here – we work for you and we want you to succeed! Full Stop!

Are you paying too much for your mortgage? Talk To Us!

Our home loan rate was 4.20% and we thought we had the best deal. Yellow Rooster Mortgages restructured our interest rate down to 3.55%. On our home loan of $400,000, we saved thousands in repayments in the very first year itself. Thank you, Sandeep!

 " Mary and Thomas "